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When you tap David Bass' 31 years of legal practice and James Bass' 64 years, you'll be working with lawyers who have closed 1,000s of loans. They know the issues, the players, and the area!

Commercial transaction Insurance

•  Commercial and residential transactions

•  Closings - representing buyers and sellers

•  Title insurance

•  Title opinion letters - researching records to ensure property is free and clear

•  Title searches in Smith County and all surrounding counties

All aspects of property sales

Be prepared when buying property with insurance from Old Republic National Title Insurance Company.


As an agent for Old Republic, David Bass can protect you from financial loss and hardship related to unknown judgments and liens, forged transfers, inconsistencies within a property's title, or misapplication of fiduciary funds.

Protect yourself with title insurance

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James Bass has been practicing law since 1949.

His son, David, joined him in 1984.


Count on the area's real estate experience